Complexity & Design

This growing complexity makes it more difficult than ever-and more imperative than ever-for developers to probe how technological advancements are altering life around the world in both positive and negative ways and what social, political, and legal tools are needed to help shape the development and design of technology in beneficial directions.

Security & Safety

Technologies may be more advanced and complicated than ever but so, too, are our understandings of how they can best be leveraged, protected, and even constrained.

Sustainability & Suitability

At the heart of all new technologies there are global factors; that conflict between the visions of a technology and it's impact (on the enviroment, society and the company).

Optimizations & Design

Technologists are often ill-equipped or unwilling to respond to the sorts of social problems that their creations have—often unwittingly—exacerbated, and instead point to governments and lawmakers to address those problems.


Technologies are becoming increasingly complicated and increasingly interconnected. Cars, airplanes, medical devices, financial transactions, and electricity systems all rely on more computer software than they ever have before, making them seem both harder to understand and, in some cases, harder to control. Government and corporate surveillance of individuals and information processing relies largely on digital technologies and artificial intelligence, and therefore involves less human-to-human contact than ever before and more opportunities for biases to be embedded and codified in our technological systems in ways we may not even be able to identify or recognize.

Arxra understands that these advances are opening up new terrain for challenging security, philosophical, political, and economic questions regarding human-natural relations. Additionally, the management of these large and small devices and systems is increasingly done through the cloud, so that control over them is both very remote and removed from direct human or social control. Arxra develops solutions for technologies like artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things using the latest practices and research to meet tomorrows needs.

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