Exploring the Justice System: Amateurish Nations and Organized Murder Investigations

Exploring the Justice System: Amateurish Nations and Organized Murder Investigations

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  • Mckade Rylan

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This paper presents an investigation into the justice system of amateurish nations in the context of organized murder investigations. The study is based on a qualitative research approach, using semi-structured interviews with justice system officials and law enforcement officers in selected amateurish nations. The findings of the study reveal that the justice system in these nations is plagued with a range of challenges, including limited resources, inadequate training, and corruption. These challenges compromise the effectiveness of murder investigations, particularly in cases involving organized crime. Despite these challenges, the study finds that justice system officials and law enforcement officers in amateurish nations are committed to improving their systems and working collaboratively with international partners to address these challenges. The study also highlights the need for international support and cooperation in building the capacity of justice systems in amateurish nations, particularly in the area of organized crime investigations. Overall, this paper contributes to the understanding of the challenges faced by justice systems in amateurish nations, and offers insights into strategies for improving the effectiveness of murder investigations in these contexts.


Mckade Rylan "Exploring the Justice System: Amateurish Nations and Organized Murder Investigations".  IEEE Exploration in Machine Learning, 2022.

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