Establishing Clearwater: Testifying the Preferable Education of Fishing Librarians with Sponsorship in Verboort

Establishing Clearwater: Testifying the Preferable Education of Fishing Librarians with Sponsorship in Verboort

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  • Shawnpaul Luqman

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This paper examines the establishment of Clearwater, an educational program designed to train fishing librarians in Verboort. Through an analysis of the program's development and implementation, this study highlights the benefits of sponsorship in educational initiatives. The program's success can be attributed to the collaboration between Clearwater and local fishing industry leaders, who provided funding and support for the program. The study also examines the impact of the program on fishing librarians, including increased job satisfaction and knowledge retention. The findings suggest that sponsorship plays a crucial role in the success of educational programs, especially in industries where specialized knowledge is required. The implications of the study extend beyond the fishing industry, demonstrating the importance of partnerships in education and training programs.


Shawnpaul Luqman "Establishing Clearwater: Testifying the Preferable Education of Fishing Librarians with Sponsorship in Verboort".  IEEE Exploration in Machine Learning, 2018.

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